Selling Your Beats Online

by Jaxx on June 21, 2012

Wanna Know How To Sell Your Beats Online as a Producer?

Quality not Quantity

It does not matter how many beats you make, what matters most is the quality of the music you produce.  Speaking of music “quality” it doesn’t also matter if you are a famous producer or an ordinary guy.  Make your music as perfect as possible and structure it like a real song.

Target your Audience

When you complete recording your track, the next thing to do is to understand and analyze where your song could go.  You cannot play rock for 50 Cent nor techno tune for Tyrese. You really need to understand who and what you are dealing with and where to expose your music.


This is about relationships.  You must also know whom you are going to give your tracks/beats because this is also considered as the starting step for a meeting.  This is the time to build an impression, the moment to get demonstrations from artists and producers.

Get Representation

You need a lawyer or a manager, someone credible to run with the beats you made.  Make some research, check out music albums, know the manager of the artists and it’s time for you then to reach out.

Work Hard

Be determined and use different ways to sell your records.  You have the choice to give it to a manager, an artist, an A&R and a lawyer.  If you shop beats without any manager, what drives a lawyer, A&R or a manager to pick your CD? That’s why I’m telling you to be creative.

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Beginner’s Guide to Beatmaking

by Jaxx on June 14, 2012

What Do You Need To Make Your Own Beats?

So you want to make your own beats, well first of all you need to search for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to start with.

Workstations like Reason, Fl Studio and DubTurbo are quite famous since they are cheaper and can create same quality of output as to other software that is more expensive.  The major difference has something to do with the level of comfort. Some DAW’s are complicated while others are easier to use.  Well let’s assume you already have chosen a DAW, the next thing to do is to learn it.  Some DAW’s are pre-packed with training videos and tutorials while others you need to look for tutorials online.  You might find your DAW complicated for the first time but don’t worry because it’s normal.  Once you get the trick and master it, everything will be a piece of cake.

Now you already know how your DAW works, next is you want to make your own music. If you have any experience with music making then it’s going to be easier for you.  But for starters with no experience, you need to watch more tutorials and read more discussions in forums.  Make friends with any producers at your place because they can help you a lot.  If you have any questions, you can go to beat making websites like hiphopmakers, future producers, illmuzic, beatmakerx and etc.  You can raise your question there or find similar threads.  Listen to industrial songs; this is one way to train your ears in order to make quality beats in the future.

In order to start with the basics, you’re going to need a bass line, some drums and melodies.  Putting percs, hats and sound effects will enhance your beats but you don’t need them in some cases.  Know the arrangement; a beat has different parts, the verse, intro, chorus, bridge and end.  Switch ups and downs with your beat so the listener can recognize that this is the verse, chorus and etc.  Lastly, you need to learn ways on how to master and mix your own tracks properly.  You might have a cool drum pattern but if such drum beats aint banging surely your track would sound boring.  Make sure to listen to any kinds of industrial music and give much attention to every instrument, how loud and how thick they are.

Practice makes perfect and do not hurry.

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